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Important Note for Clients

  • All payments from the clients to the broker shall be made in the name of ‘Akik Capital Private Limited – Client Account’ through A/c Payee Only crossed cheque, bank drafts, pay orders or other banking channels only.


  • Any change in email address, mobile number, office phone number, mailing address, registered/permanent addresses or other related information should be intimated immediately to Akik Capital Private Limited at or


Investor Complaints

Our aim is to provide hassle-free trading to our value-added customers. For any complaint sent an email to or contact our personnel to direct the complaint.

Mr. Syed Muhammad Athar Nasim

Head of Compliance

Contact: 35306291


Pending Complaints:

March to June – 2023

No. of Complaints : 0

Resolved Complaints : 0

Pending Complaints : 0

Penal Action – SECP


No action(s) taken by the Exchange and the Commission against the company.


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